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XP · ART AGENCY has been founded to build an international networking in the field of contemporary fine art and is dedicated to the implementation of one of a kind and sustainable art projects that seek to increase the unique and important cultural environment. XP · ART AGENCY is committed to providing a dynamic platform for artists who broaden the boundaries of traditional expression and whose mission is the creation of enriching and profound messages filled with innovation and courage of progress.


Another objective of XP · ART AGENCY is to generate discourse on the international cultural exchange and deepen the mutual understanding across nations, embracing a comprehensive approach to art. We believe this is fundamental to foster tolerance and create harmony within the global society. On the one hand we aim to support the extension of the German emerging artists globally, on the other hand to enhance the cultural experience of the audience by introducing remarkable and inspiring art projects nationally and internationally.


XP · ART AGENCY focuses on the implementation of art projects as well as on artists management. Our services are comprehensive and tailor to the needs of our clients.

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Stay tunend and follow our artists


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