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dada on tour in singapore

For the first time in Singapore! January 2016: «Dada on Tour» met Singapore and enlighted around 40.000 visitors during the Art Stage, which is one of the leading art fairs in Southeast Asia. The 100ths anniversary of Dada, one of the most influential and revolutionary 20th century art movements, was commemorated with two projects: the multimedia installation as well as rare works by internationally acclaimed Dada artist Marcel Janco.

Born in the Cabaret Voltaire in Zurich in 1916, Dada rapidly spread in cities such as New York, Berlin, Paris, Barcelona and even Tokyo. The mobile exhibition «Dada on Tour» presented in Singapore was already among others in Rio de Janeiro, New York and Hong Kong. When landed in Singapore, it took visitors on a journey through the fascinating world of Dada. Upon entering a “normadic tent”, visitors discovered the visions and actions of 165 Dadaists: Jean Arp, Hugo Ball, Marcel Janco, André Breton, Marcel Duchamp among others. The multimedia installation features «Starry Heaven of Dada» on the roof of the tent, which maps the development of this international art movement between 1916-1923, and «Dada in Nuce», a 27- minute short film, that retells the story of Dada.

A project of this scale owes its existence to several individuals and institutions. We have been most fortunate in the help we have received and the goodwill with which it has been given. This project was made possible by the collaboration of Cabaret Voltaire, Art Stage Singapore, Bruno Art Group and sponsors. The Embassy of Switzerland provided major support. We would also like to thank the Romanian and Israeli embassies as well as Swissôtel for their contribution. This fruitful collaboration has allowed us to successfully introduce Dada to the Singaporean public.

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