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ARTRONAUT® space for art

ARTRONAUT® space for art is an innovative platform for the international creative industries. A cosmos for creativity. A synthesis point of all art genres. In picture, word and sound, analog and digital.

Our mission is the expansion of the concept of art as well as establishing links to decentralized art. Autonomous, individual, cross-border, controversial, radical.

We work with artists who meet these requirements.​

We promote and foster artists who are increasingly overlooked by the art market because they meet precisely these requirements.​

We bring together artists from all over the world and create spaces in which artists will be able to unfold their creativity and talents: artist-in-residence programs, coworking spaces, project spaces, temporary exhibitions, etc.​

We support our guest artists by providing with professional artist management services: coaching,mediation, establishing relation in the art field, marketing and sales.​​

We contribute to the increase of the artists’ market presence and help to enhance their reputation.​

We create events: exhibitions, art projects, events, performances, concerts, artist talks, lectures, workshops and much more.​

We offer 11,000 square meters in the middle of the Ruhr area: studios, apartments, photo studio, workshops, coworking spaces, sculpture park, as well as a comprehensive infrastructure for production, exhibitions, events, networking. And we offer extras: bar, cafe and barbecue hut.​

We have high expectations - for ourselves, for artists and for our partners: professionalism, quality and human values are the cornerstones of our work.

If you enjoy breaking rules and generating groundbreaking ideas, if you are constantly reinventing yourself, if you are determined to push the boundaries of traditional creative expression, if your mission is to create enriching and profound messages, you are welcome to contact us.

Location and founding team are available. The construction and renovation have started 2021. A broad network of decision-makers from various fields is available. We are currently looking for strategic partners and multipliers from the private and public sectors.

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Project initiator: HEINRICH BREUER® Projekt GmbH

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