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art project management

art project management 

In recent years the importance of creativity and its relationship with management and economy has increased. The 21st century is characterized by a growing role and a highly accelerated speed of innovations and ideas that are viewed as a rare resource. Our goal is to raise creativity and foster innovation and intellectual assets in the art world globally. We believe that diversity enhances creativity and therefore we aim to embrace artists of radically different perceptions to spur thinking and engagement. We are welcoming challenging artists who are breaking rules and finding new ideas.

Creativity is often considered as unmanageable, but it is evident that implementing strategy through projects is a key to success. In collaboration with our network partners we promote your project on an international level. We are responsible for planning, budgeting, controlling, problem-solving of art projects and engaging the right people, at the right time. We are setting goals and laying out plans, building and nurturing relationships to create unique solutions. With the necessary marketing tools and professional skills, we manage unique and remarkable art projects, open doors for cultural exchange, trigger discourse and provide fuel for extraordinary art.

artist management

artist & estate management 

We develop strategies and add value to artists by offering our high-quality management services. They are established to provide you with the best possible solutions to enable the focus on the creative process to its fullest potential. We take care of all administrative requirements, secure shows, manage negotiations with galleries, institutions, and other parties, build networking and cooperation for you. Furthermore, we take care of the sale or production of your work of art. We contribute to your public presence and thus to your reputation on the art market. You receive possibilities of marketing and financial benefits as we primarily enhance your global recognition. By acting as an intermediary, we find numerous revenue sources.

Another objective of XP · ART AGENCY is the operation of estates. Our task here is to find individual solutions and build a link between an estate and the outside world. We advise regarding valuation, communication strategies and inventory management. We consult on what needs to be done, so the oeuvre does not fall into oblivion after the artist‘s death. In case of oblivion, we find optimal solutions for positioning of the estate on the market. We inform you about the necessary steps to the artist‘s market presence because this is fundamental to reinforce the artist’s demand in the market. As art estates are often challenged with budgetary constraints, we gladly consult you on the financing mechanism. 

art consulting


The production of art has become decentralized in our time. There is no more a center of cultural production as it was Paris in the 19th century or New York in the second half on the 20st century. As a result, art has become a matrix and collectors need assistance to navigate that matrix. We are the right contact for presenting choices to newcomers or collectors, companies or foundations. We enable artworks to get access to right client and applaud those who approach the idea to put together an art collection that is indicative of our time. Collectors are driving the market, so they have to receive the ultimate consultancy.We offer a wide range of artworks of different styles and price categories as well as geographical neutrality and mobility. After the necessary research, comprehensive information and critical market analysis, we find in this confusing art market a suitable selection of artworks for you.

non profit

Non Profit

In times of tight budgets and stagnant public funding, committed and well-educated players like us are essential to preserve the cultural diversity and to best foster cultural matters. The task of fundraising is to strengthen non-profit organizations by increasing their available resources and to raise money for the cause of successful implementation of various art projects. We intend to nurture the creativity of art through the acquisition of funds by transforming our communicational skills and knowledge into fundraising to accumulate and allocate resources.

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