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the sphere by clifton mahangoe


The Sphere will spread its light across the globe world tour. With The Sphere Clifton Mahangoe communicates an urgent message, presents a unique approach of the environment and raises our expectations of it. In this unique interactive installation he masterfully combines technology and art and creates a spectacular experience for the viewer.

Water is a vital source of life and the origin of our planet. Today 1.1 billion people worldwide lack access to water. One of the great challenges of our society is that we often feel untouched by the problems of others and by global issues. Our goal is to let people feel stronger that they are part of a global community, part of a larger we.

This is where art can make a difference! With The Sphere, which is a video work projecting the reflection of the nature in the water, we intend people to connect to their senses, body and mind. This feeling may spur thinking, engagement and action. Clifton Mahangoe’s body of work is not just about what the artist wants to express, but about the viewer’s experience and interaction with the artwork. We wish to capture people’s attention, bring them together, contribute to their awareness about the life on this planet and let them feel the power over their surroundings.​

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