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Clifton Mahangoe exhibiting during the Venice Biennale 2019 at <Personal Structures>

During the 58. Venice Biennale Arte, Italy < The Sphere 3D Spectrum > by Clifton Mahangoe Exhibition period: 11 May – 24 November 2019 Venue: Giardini Marinaressa, Venice, Italy

The European Cultural Centre presents a group exhibition Personal Structures, in two of its prestigious Palazzo’s in the centre of Venice -Palazzo Bembo, Palazzo Mora- and the Giardini Marinaressa. This year Personal Structures coincides with the launch of the 58. Venice Biennale Arte and features more than 200 internationally established artists from over 40 countries who work in different genres, such as video, sculptures, paintings, drawings, photography and installations. Giardini Marinaressa, where Clifton Mahangoe exhibits for the first time in Venice his brand new site-specific media work < The Sphere 3D Spectrum > (2019), is situated in just 10 min walking distance from the main venues of the Venice Biennale Arte, Giardini and Arsenale. You are welcome to visit this beautiful park and see the fascinating video and light installation captured in a three-dimensional 2,40 m fibreglass globe, which was specially created for the exhibition Personal Structures.

Clifton Mahangoe’s body of work consists of installations in which he accentuates great attention for stillness. The artist has a deep interest in spirituality, energies and the meditative effect of natural phenomena. His installations often depict intertwined images of running water, reflections, shadows and stars, and intend to have a mesmerizing and soothing effect on the viewer. In < The Sphere 3D Spectrum >, he masterfully applies technology to create a meditative experience for the audience, it brings stillness to the city: a moment of wonder and connection with each other. In the work, two opposites come together as harmonious partners. They form perfect circles surrounded by vibrations and spirals. In the projections, abstract dots and lines, images of sunlight, water reflections and swirling flocks of birds alternate.

< The Sphere 3D Spectrum > 16 min

Transformation of < The Sphere > during the daytime

For the first time Clifton Mahangoe has been able to interact his work with the sun, during the day The Sphere 3D Spectrum absorbs sunlight and during the sunset it projects on 360° degrees on the quarts crystals. A light show between sun & moonlight.

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