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<The Sphere 3D Spectrum> reaching out to 60 million people through the Ngage Media broadcasT

We are glad to announce the intense media broadcast of the < The Sphere 3D Spectrum > by Clifton Mahangoe through the screen advertising by Ngage Media. For a period of 1,5 month it will reach out to 60 Million people of a significant international audience! Ngage Media is the major screen advertising company in Holland, which operates large digital screens throughout the entire country, with a total of 180 spots in the most prominent places, in the centers of major cities, along busy roads or at the main stations.

You can see the screen advertising of the < The Sphere 3D Spectrum > by Clifton Mahangoe in Venice 2019 at the the following locations:

- Amsterdam Central Station Double Flow

- Amsterdam Central Station Giant Flow

- Amsterdam Bijlmer Arena

- Amsterdam South WTC

- Eindhoven Bus station

- Eindhoven Stationsplein

- The Hague Central

- Rotterdam Central

- Utrecht Central Station

- Breda Central

- Leiden Central

- Amersfoort Central

- Hilversum Stationsplein



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