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Infinity is unique, site-specific installation by the Cologne-based artist Romain Burgy. Using his usual materials gouache on cardboard and the distinctive bright blue that has become the artist's signature, he creates brand-new artworks in combination with existing works, he transforms the XP · ART AGENCY space into a unique experience.

The installation consists of 40 individual works on paper, which appear as a continuous, strung-together image, resulting in a 15 m long work. Infinity is a temporary project designed solely and exclusively for the space of XP · ART AGENCY.

With the Infinity project, Romain Burgy invites the viewer on a journey around the world and wants to draw attention to the need for global networking and the resulting understanding. The installation addresses interpersonal communication and tolerance and sets an example for a dialogue between cultures.

In his unique style, the artist not only deals with socially critical questions and their immediate consequences but also with global visions of future living environments.

He looks at the world with inexhaustible optimism and attempts to meet on a common terrain, a common meeting place, an urban space that wants to contribute to the motivation and awareness-raising of the public.

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