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Ovadia Alkara

With his life between 3 continents, between cultures and religions, Ovadia Alkara embodies the travelers of Modern times. His compositions develop geometric tiling on the surface, which merges oriental ornamentation with the modular thinking of European modernism. At the same time, superimposed layers of paint connect the past with the present, creating multi-dimensional collages between abstraction and figuration, between depiction and comics. Ovadia Alkara's works can be interpreted as images of our fragmented modernist souls, fragments in search of unity, restless in motion, somewhere between tradition, vision and reaction.

Ovadia Alkara's works do not moralize. They neither charge nor convict nor proselytize. They are what they represent. In this respect, they are also concrete art and allow the viewer freedom of observation. Not only in the sense of the "disinterested pleasure" of the appearance, but also of the content. Ovadia Alkara's works are justifiably represented in important international public and private collections.

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