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Lucien Dulfan, born in 1942 amidst the tumult of World War II in Bishkek (former USSR) at the intersection of Europe and the Middle East, returned with his family to Odessa, Ukraine, in 1946. A graduate of the renowned Grekov Art Academy in Odessa in 1963, Dulfan emerged as a luminary within the postmodernist movement, a dynamic force evolving since the 1960s.

His body of work is a kaleidoscope of intricate, multi-layered paintings with narratives that branch into profound complexities. Dulfan not only crafted an entirely unique style and distinctive artistic language but also wielded a sophisticated artistic cipher within his creations. In his quest for truth about the world, Dulfan passionately engages the minds and hearts of his audience, weaving everything he creates into a coherent tapestry of philosophical ideas.

On one hand, his art resonates with themes of anger, crying, and protest, while on the other, it embraces humor and cunning. Dulfanism embodies a realm replete with Dulfanian symbolism, representing an individualized concept and approach to life. A lover of mystifications, transformations, and surrealistic absurdity, Dulfan, with his meticulously curled mustaches, employs diverse artistic means to captivate his audience.

Navigating through a playful paradox of symbols, Dulfan's paintings exude sincerity, vibrancy, and a teasing allure. Through the complexity of his images, he directly stimulates the senses of the viewer. Often employing colors like blue, transcendental, and monochromatic, reminiscent of a dreamer's palette, Dulfan's art is a cyclical journey, series of new beginnings and change, as evident in the showcased works from the "Helmets" series.

Each of Dulfan's paintings shrouded in ambiguity, offers a multitude of degrees of freedom, provoking countless contemplations. "My art is dramatic and uncompromising. I paint the intriguing human story through the filters of my dreams and subconscious," shares Lucien Dulfan, encapsulating the essence of his evocative and thought-provoking creations.

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