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Evgenii Brukman, (*1925 Lithuania, †2011 Denmark) is a highly acclaimed international multi-faceted artist and a founder of an entirely new direction in the three-dimensional, volumetric, transparent painting. He has left major achievements and a legacy in the world of art.

The form in Brukman’s paintings is basic. Through the form, he expresses thoughts, ideas, and attitudes to life. His creative process is an attempt to depict on canvas an imaginary form that is trying to disconnect itself from its material state. It is also an attempt to break through given equations in the realm of ideational simulation, formless feelings, and signs of visual communication.

In his intense painting creativity, Brukman integrates the history of Modernism and the testimony about human fate and destiny of the 20th century. He developed a painterly personal language that is unique in its quality and expression, an art that is a testimony of the time, its culture, and its society, and through Brukman´s authentic and direct art, we become closer to ourselves.

With his impulse of creativity – he strives to build in his paintings a spiritual and poetic reality, based on the understanding of our era as a humanistic advanced technological, and democratic society, growing up from the ashes and disasters of the 20th century. His art is a declaration of belief and optimism, it is avant-garde in its nature and is exposing his courageous philosophy as an artist, who experienced in-person, wars and dictatorships, oppression, and exile. Every painting of Brukman is a document of outstanding belief in humanism, in the power of art and its spiritual message, to bring salvation and energy to a world in the struggle.

Brukman’s three-dimensional forms carry light, tones, semitones, reflections, and shadows. The object of Brukman’s art is his inner vision and light is the most important factor in his art. Through the transparency of the colors and the complexity of his works, Brukman causes the viewer to perceive the multidimensionality of his paintings.

I am convinced that Evgenii Brukman´s art merit a full presence in the consciousness of the cultural world. It merits a presence in central art institutions for the sale of art lovers all over. It is our duty to help in reaching this important goal. A duty towards our time and towards the generation to come.


 Prof. Amnon Barzel​

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